About Us

A Message from Koorosh Farzad

Masihi Financial Founder Koorosh FarzadMortgage broker Koorosh Farzad, the founder of Masihi Financial Group, learned from the best, his father Mehdi Farzad, a prominent real estate and mortgage broker with RE/MAX Masters. As a second-generation broker Koorosh has an innate understanding of the industry, extraordinary knowledge of his field of practice and an unparalleled passion for his work.


“At Masihi Financial Group we have only one goal in sight and that is to place our clients in a position of financial growth, security and confidence. The foundation of our business is built on honest and trustworthy practices. We aim to exceed your expectations at every turn, not just once but many times over. When it comes to your home and your investment, we’re you’re partner.”
Koorosh Farzad

Why Choose Us

Masihi Financial Group for Loans & RefinancingWe get the best prices and deals for our clients. We are licensed to broker loans with several of the country’s top wholesale lenders, and this allows you to benefit from competitive interest rates and closing costs.
As an Equal Credit Opportunity Lending Company, and licensed through the California Bureau of Real Estate, Masihi Financial Group follows compliance with Federal Fair Lending practices.