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Tell us your Story

We want to hear your story, we want to understand your goals behind wanting to purchase a home. There are many variations to home financing, and believe it or not, but no two loans are ever the same. Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s imperative that we listen and understand your story first, before getting into prequalification options. If you’re ready to inquire about home financing, or if you simply have a need to refinance an existing mortgage, please contact us. Let’s set up a 30 minute telephone conference or set an appointment to have you stop by the office.

Timing is everything, whether you’re a few weeks out before making your first offer, or you want to inquire about options a year down the line, we’re happy to meet with you and get things started.

Here are the steps of the process to better help establish our plans;

(1) Pre-qualification

The pre-qualification process is one that’s handled seamlessly between us. After an analysis of your financial makeup and collection of requested documents we will effectively process for lender commitment and preapproval.

(2) Home Search and Offers Made

Once our preapproval is set, you’ll be ready to look at properties and make offers on homes that meet your interests. Whether you’re already working with an agent, or you want to connect with our recommended agents, it’s important to have your preapproval completed before committing to this step.

(3) Opening Escrow and the Transaction Period

Once your offer is accepted, the fun begins. We’ll have the next 30+ days to finalize financing, and ultimately transition ownership from seller to buyer.

(4) Closing Escrow

Once escrow is closed, we’ll establish final loan terms, and set you up for automatic bill pay for your new mortgage.

(5) Future Follow Up (ie, help managing your mortgage)

Surprising to some, but most homeowners will benefit from a refinance 6-12 months after the purchase of their home – it’s our responsibility to maintain communication, and update you once the market can offer you a better mortgage than the one previously set.