Keys in Hand, Month End and Quarter End Success!

Financing secured for our buyers based solely on the future earnings of a dental practice they purchased concurrently with this house. It was an incredibly challenging file, but with patience, and an incredible team, we were able to close on time and as scripted. Oh and we table funded as well, because it’s Friday, and our clients need the weekend to start moving! Masihi FinancialContinue readingKeys in Hand, Month End and Quarter End Success!

Just Closed

No feeling is greater than that of being able to see your clients move into their new homes over the weekend! Congratulations to these two sets of buyers for the purchase of their first homes, as married couples. It’s always a pleasure and honor to be involved in such a monumental accomplishment. A special shout out to the Real Estate Agents involved in these transactions.Continue readingJust Closed

JUST Closed – Purchase in Claremont

Just closed on this incredible property located in Claremont, Ca – valued at $1.5mm. On this particular transaction, we utilized the cross collateralized loan option to secure the mortgage necessary to get our buyer into his new home. Cross collateralized loans are likely the toughest loan options in today’s market, and I would venture that only a handful of mortgage brokers would be able toContinue readingJUST Closed – Purchase in Claremont