JUST CLOSED – Purchase in Los Angeles

We just closed on this lovely duplex in Los Angeles, located on Crescent Heights Blvd. Property valued at $1.67mm. A lot of work was put into this process, we prequalified the buyers at the beginning of the year, had everything finalized in terms of financing options, and then they set to embark with their agent to sell their property, and purchase this one. At the end of the day, we opened and closed escrow in 21 days – which was necessary due to the demand this property carried. As it’s always stated, it’s imperative to start early, get prequalified and then start looking at properties.

If you or your clients are looking to acquire property in the near future, please refer them our way to get prequalified.

Contact us directly at 213-330-4247 or send an email to koorosh@masihifinancial.com.